Teen Called ‘Completely Selfish’ For Dyeing Her Hair Twice Without Consulting Boyfriend First.

It’s safe to say that we all have preferences when it comes to looks. Some heights, hair colours, clothing styles, and cosmetics are more appealing to us than others, and that’s fine. However, those are our thoughts, and we should keep them to ourselves. Here in this story a boyfriend and girlfriend had an argument over her hair colour. Read the story and let us know what would you do in this situation?

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Even though My gf(18f) knows I(18m) don’t like dyed hair, she did it anyway. The first time it was just the ends and I put up with it after a day of expressing my complaints but now it’s all red and I just can’t handle that she didn’t even include me in the decision or care about my feelings and opinions.

The longer version: She is very well aware that I don’t like dyed hair. I think it looks bad compared to people’s natural hair colour and that it is usually just a way for people to get attention because they don’t get it elsewhere. There have been a few times where she has said I can’t judge people just because they dye their hair but I’m very judgmental. She told me it would do me some good if her hair was dyed so I could learn that it’s not a bad thing. I told her that would make me very upset. One day I turn up to school and her hair below her shoulders is “Auburn”. I got upset as soon as I saw it and got angry, started complaining. I ended up dealing with it because there was nothing I could do now that it was already done and I did not expect this to happen again.

About 4 months later the dye was quite faded so she went home one night and covered her whole head and texted me that she had done it. That whole night we were back and forth over text about it. I told her to apologise or I was going to get upset so she refused and I told her that I can’t be in a relationship with someone who won’t include their SO in decisions significant to either person she said that if I can’t respect her decision to do something as small as dyeing her hair maybe I’m the problem.

Her perspective: -It’s her body that she can do with as she pleases -I shouldn’t have control over what she can and can’t do -I shouldn’t dislike dyed hair and this is an opportunity to learn that it’s not bad -She likes the way it looks -She thinks I’m being too controlling by telling her to apologise for not letting me in on the decision.

My perspective: -She should at the very least tell me before she does something I might have a problem with. -She should include me in these decisions out of respect and love -She should understand that I really don’t like dyed hair and that her actions can made me really upset. -She should understand that this will only fuel my problem with dyed hair not extinguish it.

Am I a jerk for getting pissed and telling my gf that she’s being completely selfish for disrespecting my feelings and opinions in a decision I consider important and/or significant?

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