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Teen spends his allowance on new sneakers for a student who is harassed because he wears unclean, outdated shoes.

While the world may appear to be nothing but mayhem at times, the children remain safe.

A seventh-grade student in New York recently drew the notice of his school’s administration for a selfless act of compassion.

Romello Early took matters into his own hands after seeing his classmate suffer criticism for the shoes he wore to school. He bought his best pal a new pair of sneakers using his own money.

In Buffalo, New York, Romello and his best buddy Melvin Anderson attend Buffalo Creek Academy.

Melvin had recently begun wearing sneakers that were not as fresh as those of his peers. They were disintegrating.

Romello noticed and tried to assist his pal.

He could see that was bothering his friend, the boy explained. It simply gave him a sick feeling in his stomach to see someone go through that, and to be judged only on looks.

When the seventh grader had saved enough of his money, he requested his mother to drive him to the store, where he bought Melvin a new pair of Nike sneakers.

Melvin was taken aback. He is really grateful for what his pal has done for him, he remarked.

Despite Melvin’s wish to repay his pal for the brand new sneakers, Romello insisted there was no need.

Bryant Brown Jr., Dean of Culture, said the boys’ relationship and Romello’s gesture of generosity moved him to tears, and he hopes Romello’s actions would motivate other children at the school.

Excellent work, Romello. One can tell he was properly raised.

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