Teen Takes 8 Yr Old Boy To Prom Who Was Battling Cancer.

Back in 2016, in Barrow County, Georgia, 8-year-old Alex Richards was battling cancer. It was the third time in his short life he had to deal with it. His high-school-age neighbor, Shelby, considered the young boy quite a superhero, and he was almost like a little brother to her. So she wanted to do something very special for him. And she did.

One day, she walked up and knocked on his door. When he answered it, Shelby was holding some big signs…. The first one read: “Superman is cool because he has X-ray vision. Spider-Man is cool because he scales tall buildings. Batman is cool because he drives the fanciest car on the planet. Alex is cool because he never stops fighting. I would like my superhero Alex to be my date to the prom.”

The next big sign asked if she could take Alex to the prom… mark Yes or No….

Well, needless to say that Alex was floored. He quickly marked the Yes box.

Says Alex’s mom, Sheri: “Right now it is going to be a fun thing, but when he gets older and looks back on it, it is going to have a bigger impact on him.”…. No doubt. 

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