Teen Takes His Paralyzed Father To College.

When kids go off to college, a big part of that is taking it in on their own, without being under the ever-watchful eyes of the parents. But Zhao Delong of Central China didn’t see it that way. He wanted his father with him.

His parents were able to find a cure for his polio when he was young, and now, his father was paralyzed and, because of it, his mother went into a deep depression. So to repay his parents for their incredible love for him throughout his life, he decided to take his father to college with him and care for him as much as he could. This would also take away much of the sadness from his mother.

Zhao’s university even gave the pair a special dorm room to accommodate them. And on a daily basis, Zhao washes his father’s face, brushes his teeth and combs his hair. He cooks for him and he even helps him do exercises. It’s a true labor of love.

Says Zhao: “My dad took care of me. Now that he’s ill, I can’t just leave him behind.” 

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