Teen With Down Syndrome Has Signed 5 Modeling Agencies And Has A Huge Following On Instagram.

Georgia’s proud mom, Rubia, uploaded a photo of her 14-year-old daughter on social media one day. And through that one picture, Georgia’s modeling career began.

Georgia and her mom, of Curitiba, Brazil, were quite surprised when the teen started receiving so much attention. It astounded both of them, especially since the photo posted was only meant as a fun thing to possibly inspire certain young people… young people who had Down’s Syndrome. Because Georgia, the young teenage model with a promising career ahead of her, HERSELF… has Down’s Syndrome.

Says her very proud mom: “Today she is listed in five modeling agencies but what really worked was Instagram and Facebook. That’s where she became known worldwide.”

And in a very short time, Georgia’s Instagram account skyrocketed with more than 50,000 followers. Now there was a period in her life when she was struggling in school and just trying to fit in. She felt extreme loneliness and was very insecure. But now, she’s very outgoing, and aside from her modeling career, she’s also gained enough confidence to get on stages and sing.

And the commercials? She’s getting those too, recently modeling for one of the biggest jewelers in Brazil. And even though so much good has come into Georgia’s life, her mom still worries about some of the negative comments posted on her daughter’s accounts.

Says Rubia: “The hardest part was when I read some people post comments that she is only successful because of her blonde hair and blue eyes – Georgia is a very kind child and very talented, otherwise she would not have come so far. Today, as she stands out in the media, she is now surrounded by girls who ask her about her career and her work, so being in the media and having a career helped a lot with her confidence in that sense.” 

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