Teen Would Lose $7M If She Came Out As Gay, Uncle Asks If He Was A Jerk To Tell Her To Stay In The Closet.

One must respect a person regardless of the colour, age or even the gender-male, female, gay, lesbian. The youngster confided to her uncle that she intends to inform the entire world that she is a lesbian. As supportive since he feels himself to be of her, the guy recommended her to wait a little longer, as doing so might cause her wealthy grandfather to exclude her from his multi-million dollar legacy.

Source: Reddit

My (42M) niece (17F) recently confided in me that she is a lesbian. I supported her, let her know I’d be there, etc. Usual ally stuff.

However, she told me she was going to come out to the whole world this week. I let her know she should absolutely wait for her grandparents (my parents) to pass. My father is incredibly wealthy and has tens of millions of dollars in assets that he will be passing down once he is gone.

My father is a raging homophobe who has flat out stated any gay individual in our family would be written out of the will. And to make sure the rest of us don’t just split more money with said gay relative, they will, instead, have that portion of the inheritance (put aside for that family member) donated to charitable causes. That money will be erased from the inheritance.

Since both my father and mother are in incredibly poor health, (stage 4 cancer and debilitating dementia respectively) I told my niece she should stay in the closet for a while longer. If she comes out as a lesbian and they find out, she will quite literally lose out on 7 million dollars.

She was a little sad but was also appreciative since that is obviously a life-changing amount of money that will allow her to live luxuriously until she dies.

My wife, however, said that I am being an a**h**e. I am telling this poor girl to hide who she is just to appease old bigots. That is true, I am asking her to appease old bigots. But I feel like her life quality will be much better with 7 million dollars at the cost of 1-2 years in the closet at tops.

I have also seen my father’s will and know who is getting what, so my niece IS definitely going to receive 7 million as long as my father doesn’t rewrite or edit his will. Am I the a**h**e for telling my niece to stay in the closet so she can be a millionaire?

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