Teenager Asks Her Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom In The Most Beautiful Way.

Rachel Newberry didn’t ask Ben, a special needs student, to the prom just to be kind… just to be nice. She asked him because he was actually her best friend. Yes, her best friend. And when she did ask him, it totally caught him off guard… he had no idea she was going to do that. He was thrilled. And the video went viral, with many commenting that Rachel was such an AMAZING person to ask someone with Down Syndrome to the prom.

But Rachel was a little put off by that. She was NOT this amazing person; she asked him because she truly wanted to be his date… not out of sympathy, but out of love and respect.

Rachel and Ben have known each other their entire lives, practically growing up together. And she was always that one person who could get Ben to calm down; and Ben was always that one person who Rachel could always count on.

For the longest time, she didn’t even Know Ben had Down Syndrome. And when she was told he did… it really didn’t matter. They were the best of friends… and that was that. And when prom time came, Ben certainly did not disappoint anyone. His amazing dance skills captivated everyone.

So, no, Rachel is certainly not an amazing person for asking Ben to the prom. They both just happen to BE an amazing couple together.

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