Teenager Takes His Mom To The Prom After Learning About Her Past.

When 36-year-old MelRo was 16, she got pregnant, and had to give up a lot of special moments in her life. Then, she was living in a homeless shelter for teenage parents. Her life to that point was living in seemingly endless foster homes.

But she raised her son, Trey, as best she could and managed to work her way through things to become a model, an entrepreneur and champion for foster and homeless children.

As I said, MelRo missed out on a lot when she was young. And one of those things was the prom. But Trey her son wanted to do something about that. At his high school in Ohio, Trey could have asked any number of young ladies to the prom. Instead, he asked his mom to be his date. He knew his mom had struggled, and sacrificed so much after giving birth to him and raising him. So this was his gift to her, to experience a high school prom.

Melro was there for only an hour or so because she wanted Trey to experience it with those his own age. But, she said, it was the highlight of her life. 

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