Teenager’s Response When A Homeless Man Walks In His Restaurant.

Let’s be honest, we all love being customers and get treated in an awesome way. It’s only when we’re at the cash registers, that the cashiers don’t really give us that wow experience like all the sales staff did. The cashiers have a pretty stale job of scanning items and giving change, with a new customer up in the line in literally seconds. But that doesn’t mean that cashiers can’t react or don’t know how to react and here are 7 troubled customers who get treated differently by cashiers.

1. Michelle Resendez of San Antonio, Texas couldn’t be prouder of her son Mathew who works at Burger King. The other day a customer shyingly asks Mathew who was working the counters, whether the man could get something to eat for 50 cents because that’s all he had.

Mathew whispered back to this man and asked him that if money was not an issue what would he have ordered. The man replied, anything to get rid of his hunger pains. Mathew rang up the register and paid for the meal using his own debit card and asked the man to have a seat and that his meal was on its way.

This quiet hush hush conversation was overheard by the next customer in line, who later on wrote to Mathew’s employer appreciating this young kid’s generosity and also gave a 100 dollar tip with the letter.

Mathew’s mom was so proud of her son, she took a picture of Mathew with the 100 dollar tip and posted the story on Facebook.

2. For Ashley Jordan and her husband Michael it was a horror going to Walmart for their weekly shopping simply because Michael’s whole weeks check went into groceries for this family of 5. Jordan always found the staff at Walmart cold and rude, but their last visit was something astonishingly different.

Once at the cash registers of the Columbia, South Carolinas Walmart, Sharnique Dasant, the customer services manager heard Jordan’s silent cry for help. As Dasant was scanning the items and saw Jordan, her husband and her crying 1 year old in the shopping cart, something inside her told her to help Jordan out.

That’s when it happened, Dasant, a complete stranger to Jordan, donated a 100 dollars towards Jordan’s grocery bill. At first, Jordan misunderstood, thinking Dasant was just giving them a coupon.

“I then looked at the total, and I was at a loss for words,” Jordan wrote. “This sweet woman whom I never met in my life paid for half of my groceries!”

Jordan was so moved by the encounter, she asked if she could take a photo with the cashier and share it on social media.

“Thank you so much Sharnique Dasant,” she added, “you truly are a blessing and you will never realize how much you helped us out and how much faith you have put back into our heart.”

3. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the lives we have been blessed with and this kindness is often reciprocated in the most gracious ways. That’s what was going on in the mind of a young cashier girl at Publix in Georgia. When she saw the customer struggling to find enough cash to pay for their groceries, Sierra Johnson decided to use her own debit card to settle the bill.

In line behind the customer was Tyrone who witnessed this generosity and was truly inspired. The following day, Tyrone paid for the groceries of a customer waiting in line behind him at Walmart. Tyrone also wrote a letter of recommendation to the management at Publix to promote Sierra for her act of kindness.

4. Our local fireman and paramedics often don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. We know that they’re just doing their jobs but it’s the criticality of their jobs that goes amiss.

When Lt. Joe Studer a fireman at Wauconda Fire Station and two paramedics Joe CaDavid and Scott Schrayer were shopping for groceries at Island Lake, they received a distress call about a victim suffering a stroke, they had to leave everything behind and make the call. They advised the cashier Charity Faurie that they’ll be back to collect and pay. But this time, Faurie personally paid the bill, which came to nearly $50.

“After they left I said, ‘No, I’m going to pay for these,'” Faurie said. “(It was) a thank you. They don’t get thanked enough.”

When the firefighters came back a little while later, they found the groceries bagged and the tab covered. Instead of pocketing the $50 they would have spent on food, Studer’s crew donated the money to the American Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

5. Good deeds can happen anywhere, absolutely anywhere, and once you hear the sweet voice of God telling you to do something, you just don’t hesitate.

Nicholas Tate made known the deeds of God on a Friday night in Newcastle, Oklahoma – at a Walmart checkout counter. 3 hyperactive kids, a frazzled mom and to top it all a foster care parent was in line at Nicholas’ counter. Her cards were getting declined and she wasn’t able to pay her grocery bill, but in all this chaos the Austin Bible Institute student Nicholas heard a voice telling him to Pay for this. And so he did, he quickly used his own credit card to pay 60 dollars for the lady’s groceries.

A few days later, a customer approached Nicholas inside Walmart and showed him a Facebook post – asking if he was the cashier mentioned in the posting. It turned out that the foster mom was so overcome with emotion that she had not thanked Nicholas for his kindness. So she wrote a message on Facebook hoping to learn the young man’s name. And thanks to the power of social networking – Nicholas and the foster mom were reunited.

6. Acts of kindness are so hard to come by these days, but when you hear a story, see something happen live in action, and (if you’re lucky) experience them for yourselves, your mind is often blown. And once again your faith in humanity is reinvigorated.

Something similar happened to an elderly veteran at a local Dollar General when the cashier behind the counter did something that blew his mind away. Veterans often don’t get the respect they deserve after retirement. For someone who has spent so much time serving their country and keeping everyone safe, it’s justified to ensure that they live a healthy and happy life after retirement.

Unfortunately for many people, they don’t get to live a comfortable life after retirement but there’s always hope for help and positivity from good samaritans—like the one this veteran came across at the store.

When an elderly customer’s card kept getting declined, he knew that he had to help him out. And what inspired him most? His veteran’s hat.

Jacob Wittman is a cashier at a Dollar General store located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. One of his customers, an elderly gentleman, was having a hard time with his purchase because he couldn’t remember his PIN number for his credit card. Jacob decided to take matters into his own hands and used his own card to make the purchase for the retired USS Veteran.

7. A lady at Walgreens in Keller, Texas had to sadly and embarrassingly walk away from the counter without paying for baby formula and left the store saying she’ll just get the money from her car – that was not the case.

The lady didn’t have money and drove off instead with the product. The next customer in line was asked to wait until the lady completed her transaction, but they both knew that wasn’t going to happen.

The man at the register pulled out his own card and completed the lady’s purchase. The baby formula was for only 6 dollars, not a huge amount, but the generosity of this kind man did not go unappreciated.

The news went viral on social media and the next day two customers walked upto him to compensate him the 6 dollars he paid for the lady. The cashiers decision and example of character was priceless.

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