Teens Caught Hold Of The Thief Who Assaulted The Woman At The Park.

Source: Facebook

I was at the Antioch City Park this afternoon with my granddaughter. About 2:30 pm, a couple of guys assaulted a woman in the parking lot. One took off with her bag, but the other guy wasn’t so lucky. There happened to be a bunch of Antioch teens in the park. They all jumped on the suspect, took him down to the ground and laid on him until the Antioch PD arrived.

I realized what was going on when I heard one of them on his cell phone to the Police. The suspect kept begging for them to let up on him, but these brave young men held their ground.

When the police officer showed up he had a smile on his face when he realized what they had done. Goes to show you that even some of the young people here in Antioch want a stop to all the crime that goes on here and are willing to take matters into their own hands!

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