Teens get married on bride’s front lawn one day day after being told he only has months to live

Chase Smith and Sadie Mills, both 18, were married in Sadie’s front yard on April 29. Before you say these two are too young, keep in mind that their marriage was filled with emotional outbursts for one major reason: they wedded just a few days after Chase was informed he only had three to five months to live.

Chase has spent the last six years battling Ewing’s sarcoma, an extremely uncommon and severe form of cancer. He and Sadie had been dating for six months before they decided to marry.

Sadie stated that honestly it was the most memorable day of her life. She had  always wanted an outdoor wedding, and Chase’s suggestion to place the altar precisely where they went on their first date, where they had their first kiss, meant a lot to her.

Until Chase got this new prognosis, the two had quite different intentions.

Chase and Sadie had wanted to continue their swimming and diving careers after graduating from high school and attending college together. They intended to marry as well, but much later in life. Nevertheless, Chase’s new diagnosis imposed a feeling of urgency on all of their plans, and they decided that getting married immediately made the most sense.

Chase discovered in March that his cancer had reappeared, and this time there was simply too much of it. Chase discovered that he had tumours all throughout his body and that, despite more therapy, the chances are no longer in his favour. So he and Sadie made a decision, and they’re truly delighted with it.

According to Chase, they were certainly considering getting wedded in the future and knew we wanted to. Many individuals believe, ‘Oh, they’re getting married because he’s going to die soon,’ but that’s not at all why they chose to marry. ‘Hey, God wants you two together,’ it was more of a wake-up call.”

Sadie explained that it was simply fate. What was wonderful about it was that once they first discussed getting married, Chase brought it up and she knew exactly what he was going to say. So she cut him off and said, ‘No, I know the same thing.’ So it was obviously a blessing from God that the timing was appropriate.

Sadie and Chase spent the following four days telling their parents about their intentions and then planning the full wedding. Sadie’s parents were particularly encouraging. She remarked that she has the finest two parents anyone could ask for. It couldn’t have meant more to her than for them to be completely behind her and her choices and decisions about who she loved and who she wanted to marry when she wanted to marry.

Chase and Sadie followed protocol by avoiding seeing each other before the wedding. Chase claims to have been absolutely taken aback. He was overjoyed to see her after not seeing her all day. It was only the fact that he could see her that it felt like a punch in the chest of feelings.

Chase and Sadie are also aware that their destiny is quite unclear, considering Chase’s prognosis. They are, nonetheless, content to tackle it together. Chase claims that is 110 percent attributable to faith in God. He always feels he has a chance with God. He always has the courage to achieve anything he wants as long as he’s at his side.

People all across the world have been inspired by Chase and Sadie’s tale. Many others were touched enough to send emails to the Indianapolis Star, the local newspaper that broke the story. Zaq Harrison, for example, wrote: “Time is the most valuable gift we have been given. I know this young couple will treasure every moment they spend together. How many of us can make that claim?”

Another wedded pair that noticed parallels to their own situation in Chase and Sadie is Mike and Billie Rouse. They met in high school and fell in love right away. Mike was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma during his sophomore year and lost part of his face. Doctors warned him he only had five years to live. Mike and Billie have been blissfully married for decades.

Billie gave Chase and Sadie some advice: “All they understood was that they wished to be together for five weeks or five years. They understood about living in the now and appreciating the little things.  Live big young pals. They keep them close to their hearts.

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