Teens Stole From A 11 Yr Old Girl’s Lemonade Stand Who Wanted To Donate Her Earning.

11-year-old Alizay Kashif was inspired to open a lemonade stand on her block, and any money she would make from it was going to be donated to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization based in Chicago.

The young girl sat outside for two hours hoping to sell some lemonade. But no one stopped by. Her dad, Zaman, felt sorry for her, so he bought some of her lemonade and some cookies, as well. Eventually, she made about $9.

Two teens stopped and asked her how much she was charging. They then left and came back with two more friends. When they again asked how much she was charging, one of the teens grabbed her money basket and they all took off.

She was in shock and one of her friends ran into her home to tell her parents. Her story was posted on social media. Many urged her not to give up and many urged her to call the police.

A former television reporter, Ben Hutchison, offered his front yard for Alizay to set up her lemonade stand. She decided to take him up on his offer. And once she opened it up there, she immediately saw results.

Many neighbors came out to buy from her, and when the police found out about it, several squad cars hit their sirens and lined up to buy some lemonade.

Police also collected from their department and donated $170 to Alizay. And she was soon able to donate almost $350 to Feed America.

Ironically, this was one of the very few times… that crime actually paid. 

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