Texas School Shooter’s Dad: ‘He Should’ve Just Killed Me’

Salvador Ramos, the dad of the Texas shooter who slaughtered 19 students and two adults at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, May 25, lamented and claimed his 18-year-old son should have shot him instead. On Thursday, May 26, the gunman’s 42-year-old father, Ramos, spoke about his son of the same name.

Senior Ramos stated that he just wants the folks to know he is sorry man, for what his son committed. He never imagined his son would do something like that. Instead of committing something like that to someone, he should have just murdered him.

The father informed that he has been absent from his son’s life recently owing to his employment away from Uvalde. On Tuesday, May 24, the young gunman shot his 66-year-old grandmother Cecilia Gonzalez in the face, seriously injuring her, before taking her pickup vehicle and killing 21 people inside a fourth-grade classroom in one of Texas’ bloodiest mass shootings in history. Responding law enforcement officers shot and killed the shooter on the spot.

Senior Ramos stated that he was at work on the day of the incident and only found out when his mother called to inform him. In a panic, he began contacting the local jail, wondering if his son was present. A repentant Ramos added that he will never see his son again, just as they won’t see their children. That bothers him.

Despite the tragic murder, in which 21 people were shot, the shooter’s father stated that his son was “a nice guy” who “kept to himself.” His father had no idea why the awful tragedy occurred. Senior Ramos alleged to have detected changes in his son. For example, he purchased a pair of boxing gloves.

According to reports, the adolescent gunman had a strained connection with his mom and dropped out of high school before his senior year. “My mom says he would have shot me too because he constantly said I didn’t love him,” senior Ramos stated.

Ramos stated that his son was tormented at school for wearing the same high-water jeans every day, which caused him to drop out, and that he criticized the adolescent school shooting suspect’s mother, Adriana Reyes, for not getting him more school materials and clothes. Previously, Reyes stated, “I got an unpleasant feeling sometimes, like ‘what are you up to? Her kid is “not a monster,” she says, but he may be aggressive if he truly got furious.

The adolescent school shooter’s mother also stated that she had no idea her son had purchased the guns. The youngster lawfully acquired two AR-15-style weapons a few days before the school massacre and stated she was ‘shocked’ her son had done anything like this and swore he wasn’t aggressive at all.

Senior Ramos went on to say that he was speaking up since he wanted his son’s story to be heard. He doesn’t want people to label him a monster… they don’t know anything, he explained. They had no idea what he was going through.

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