Texas school shooting survivor apologized to dad for blood on clothes, losing glasses

A 10-year-old child was shot but survived the Robb Elementary School tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, said sorry to his dad for having blood on his clothes and losing his spectacles.

Noah Orona is currently healing at San Antonio’s Methodist Children’s Hospital. He’s still scared and won’t talk much about the incident, but his parents discussed their son’s ordeal on that fateful day.

He was wounded in the back, and the bullet exited through his shoulder, leaving a large hole. He allegedly pretended to be dead and witnessed his professor rescue other pupils from the shooter before being shot herself.

Oscar, his dad, stated that she finally died after falling on top of another kid. There was blood all around, he claimed. When Oscar finally saw Noah, they were in Uvalde Hospital, where Noah was being prepared for shipment to San Antonio.

He apologized saying sorry, Dad he has blood on his clothing. His father reassured him that everything will be OK. Then Noah told his dad that he misplaced his spectacles as well. And his father told him that they would be replaced.

Their kid has just expressed he “waited a long time” until Border Patrol arrived to assist them.

They expressed gratitude for the community’s support and stated that they are preferring to concentrate on their son’s rehabilitation.

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