Texas Teen Brutally Beaten, Hospitalized In ‘Heinous Act,’ His Family Sues His Peers And Their Parents For $50 Million

Cole Hagan, 16, was taken to the hospital and faced the prospect of never fully healing from his wounds after being attacked and viciously assaulted by a gang of his friends. When a few of his Brazoswood High School friends informed him that his truck had been struck, the Texas youngster was at a pool party in Lake Jackson. But it was all a ploy to get the youngster to go outside by himself.

Another adolescent jumped Hagan as he got outside. Reid Mitchell, 17, plotted the assault many days in advance, and he, together with Logan Huber, 18, and Ayden Holland, caught Hagan off guard. According to Huber, he witnessed Reid Mitchell punch Cole Hagan, bear hug him, smack him to the ground, and then go on top of him and elbow him in the face.

Mitchell contacted one of Hagan’s buddies and told them to come grab your boy after beating him to a bloody pulp. Hagan’s motionless body was discovered lying in the street bleeding from his ears by classmates. He was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital after suffering several brain bleeds and skull fractures, as well as a fractured collarbone and other wounds.

In a coma, Hagan was placed on a ventilator. When he regained consciousness, he assumed he had been in a vehicle accident and inquired his companions whether they were okay.

The incident is said to have taken place for a girl, namely Mitchell’s then-girlfriend, although this has yet to be substantiated. Mitchell, according to Hagan’s brother, was enraged that the girl had decided to leave him.

Mitchell was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after the attack. He was released after posting a $20,000 bail. Huber and Holland were arrested and charged with aggravated assault before being freed on bail. However, Hagan’s family was not about to depend on these unusual allegations to seek justice for their loved one.

Hagan’s family sued the boy’s three assailants and their parents, alleging that they were all aware of preparations to “attack Cole Hagan.” The complaint listed at least 16 individuals and sought more than $50 million in compensation. According to the lawsuit, at least eight additional pupils were conscious of the incident before it occurred.

While some may wonder why the lawsuit mentioned the adolescents’ family, Hagan’s brother sought to suffocate any compassion for the assailants’ parents, alleging that nobody had shown any worry or remorse for his brother.

Following a week in critical care, Hagan was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for speech and mobility therapy. It was uncertain if he would ever fully heal when the case was filed. He will almost certainly never play competitive football again.

Hagan’s family believed that the lawsuit would hold accountable not just the assailants, but also all those who were aware of the trap yet did nothing to stop it. At the very least, this should make others aware that when they see or hear anything, they must say or do something or risk being held responsible for being involved in horrible deeds.

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