The Old Man Didn’t Expect Him When Heard Odd Noise From The Door.

It was a chilly winter day when Don, relaxing at home and watching TV, heard a strange sound at his door. It was an odd, scratching sound. A fox, maybe? A racoon? Well, whatever it was, it wasn’t stopping. So he finally had to check on it, and he found something that really surprised him.

It was a large, nearly hairless dog, and it was hurt… and hungry. The poor thing was shivering, but Don had some trouble knowing what to do. It might bite him. But it was clear to see that that dog needed someone. So, with extreme caution, Don opened his door and got the animal to walk into his house.

He gave the dog some food and it was gone in seconds. So he gave it some more food. And it was gone just about as fast. Don then made the animal a bed out of some blankets, and it eventually curled up on them to get some sleep. The stray dog looked better the next day, but Don still didn’t know what to do, so he called the police and they told him to call the animal shelter, which he did.

Shelter volunteers showed up at Don’s house a short time later and they were stunned at the sight of the dog. It was a sad sight, indeed. They thanked Don and then took the animal back to the shelter. During a full checkup, they discovered the dog had a form a mange, with mites burrowed into the animal’s skin, and it caused the animal to scratch like crazy.

The vets there treated her for it, and they named her Penny. And, surprisingly, Penny started improving very fast. So much so that after just a week, she looked like a completely different dog. She also started interacting more with the shelter volunteers.

Police eventually traced Penny back to her original owner. They charged him with abandoning a dog in extremely cold weather, and he faced a $1,000 fine, along with jail time.

A short time later, a couple who had a few other dogs adopted Penny. That couple just fell in love with her, and so did their other dogs. Now Penny’s life is filled with all the love any dog could wish for. And isn’t that just the way it should be? 

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