The Whole Neighborhood Turned Out To Say Goodbye To A Beloved Mail Carrier.

It was 20 years ago when Floyd Martin first became a mail carrier for a certain route in Marietta, Georgia. Altogether he had been with the mail service for 34 years. And now, it was time to give it up, time to retire.

Everyone on Floyd’s route just loved him. He was a kind person, always with a smile. When all those neighbors on his route found out he was preparing to retire, they got together and decided to send him out in style.

There were nearly 500 people on Floyd’s route, and nearly every single one of them got involved. There were meetings, there were decorations set up and signs and banners made.

Everyone’s mailboxes were especially catered to, and some went to great lengths to show their creativity, as well as appreciation. And then there was a big potluck dinner for all the neighbors and, of course, the man of the hour himself. He had touched all of their lives, and they wanted him to known just how much he meant to them.

Says one woman on his route, Sarah Bullington: “I don’t remember the moment we first met Floyd. But probably the third year we were there he had made enough of an impact on our family that my 3-year-old daughter wanted to dress up as Mr. Floyd for career day at school, and then he came to her birthday party.”

Floyd wasn’t just a mailman. He was a friend. He would remember people’s birthdays and anniversaries, and he shared with them during the holidays. He made sure to buy gifts for those who were graduating from high school or college. And he would even bring food for the cats and treats for the dogs.

When he found out people on his route were hurting, he would give them a hug, and let them know that things were going to be Ok. Sometimes, he would cry with them. And he was especially kind to the elderly on his route. No. He wasn’t just a mailman. He was as much a neighbor to them as their real neighbors. To those on his route, he was the best a person could be.

Floyd was brought to tears when he showed up at the party, as everyone there erupted into cheers for him. But that’s ok. He was going to miss them just as much, if not a little more, than they were going to miss him. 

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