“‘There’s No Way You Enjoy Cleaning, Mom! No One Enjoys Cleaning!’ I Said.”

Source: Facebook

My mom was diagnosed with a rare cancer last fall. It was a complete shock. There is no cancer in our family history. None.

She’s been visiting me from Croatia for almost a month now. Last week on a morning walk, I said to her: “I feel bad that you’re spending so much of your time here just cleaning after the kids and cooking for all of us. I want you to enjoy yourself!”

My mom responded: “I am enjoying myself! I enjoy every moment.”

“There’s no way you enjoy cleaning, mom! No one enjoys cleaning!” I said.

“Kristina, I didn’t think I’d be here today. I didn’t think I’d ever see my grandchildren or you again. So yes, I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy every moment I get here.”

I want to live like that. I want to enjoy even the most mundane parts of life.

Why does it take something as big as a cancer diagnosis to get us to appreciate every single moment we have on this earth?

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