These Divers Never Thought They Could Rescue This Baby Shark. The Baby Shark Just Wanted A Little Help.

Could you believe that a shark, one of the scariest animals in the sea, needed human help? In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, they found a young female shark with a fishing hook stuck on her head.

Unfortunately, the hook lodged itself deep into her mouth, while part of the fishing line went up to the top of her head. The pressure from the hook and fishing line was such that the line cut into her flesh, leaving a layer of flesh on her head exposed. She was rendered unable to eat, and clearly lost a lot of weight.


The shark approached a crew of divers, calmly, as if she knew they could help, and that they were the only ones that could. One of the divers caught her and removed it all, thanks to a pair of pliers.

When she was freed it seemed like she stopped moving and was done for. Thankfully, a week later, she returned, proving that sharks are the ultimate survivors. The divers have dubbed her Scarlet.

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