These Kittens Somehow Got Stuck In The Dryer. He Lost A Wall But Gained My Respect.

What would you do if you found stray kittens were stuck in your dryer vent? This man seems to have the right idea.
In his own video, he shared finding three kittens outside his home, at the gutters of his dryer vent, where their mom seemed to have left them in. The mom may not have realized the danger she put her children in, as some of those kittens’ siblings were already inside the pipe leading into the home, lost and afraid. And so, our homeowner took action.

First things first, he sealed off the hole so that no more of the cats would get in. And then, he used a handle-less vacuum cleaner to grab one of the kittens. Unfortunately, there was one more stuck in there, and knowing that, he took it to the next level.

Our homeowner went ahead and destroyed part of his home’s wall, just to open up the opening, just to get to the helpless kitty. At the end, as he held the kitten in his hand, and carried it all the way out to meet its siblings, I’m sure he was thinking that it was all worth it.

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