Thief Tries To Rob Man At ATM, But Intended Victim Leaves Crook Calling 911.

Trey Khiry Turner, a 24-year-old Virginia man, probably felt he’d picked an easy target when he saw an unidentified man at an ATM. He would find out the hard way, though, how wrong he was when he tried to rob the man. Turner discovered that rather than fleeing with the victim’s money, the tables had been turned on him.

Turner approached the victim in a “threatening” way at the Bank of America ATM in the 10300 block of Courthouse Road in Spotsylvania about 9 p.m. on a Friday night. Turner then became aggressive, punching the victim multiple times with his fists, according to Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Maj. Troy Skebo.

Turner had no idea his intended target was a concealed carry permit holder who was armed, and after being hit many times by the suspect, he felt enough was enough. As a result, the concealed carrier grabbed his pistol and fired multiple times at Turner, according to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. Although Turner was not injured, the theft was prevented, but the situation was far from over.

Turner made his escape and appeared to be unharmed, but things were about to go much worse for the criminal, who took a terrible situation and made it much worse for himself. Turner called officials after rushing across Courthouse Road into the Mill Garden South area and reporting being fired at while at the ATM.

That’s correct, for reasons we don’t understand, the thief believed it was a good idea to contact 911 and claim being fired at, despite the fact that he was attempting to rob the man at the time. Sadly for him, deputies were already investigating a suspected robbery attempt at the ATM when the suspect dialed 911, and officials quickly realized that the 911 caller matched the description of the robbery suspect.

Trey Khiry Turner was apprehended after being recognized as the robbery suspect. He was accused with attempted robbery and held without bail at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. His intended target was just slightly injured during the encounter. Of course, things may have gone differently if he hadn’t been armed and managed to repel the culprit.

Trey Khiry Turner’s initial run-in with the authorities was, unsurprisingly, not his first. According to court records, he was previously convicted of attempted theft and using a handgun in the conduct of a felony in a 2016 incident in Spotsylvania. For such an offense, he was sentenced to three years in jail. Unfortunately, it does not seem that he learnt his lesson.

Turner, sadly, appears to be like so many other crooks. Rather than learning from their experiences, they keep making the same hazardous judgments, endangering the lives and well-being of others. Fortunately, his intended target was ready to fight back. In doing so, he unintentionally helped to remove a dangerous criminal from the streets.

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