This Astonishing Video Shows How Miraculously The Cat Is Saved From A Snake

Could you ever deal with seeing your beloved pet eaten by a snake? In this shocking video, the family acts fast to save their cat already in the middle of struggling with a snake, who was already in the middle of choking and biting the poor pet, in flagrante delicto. We’re not sure how the man in the video got his skills, but carefully and skillfully, he gets a hold of the whole fiasco, grips and forces the snake’s head off of the cat’s body, and grabs the snake upwards, forcing the snake to let go of the cat.

Miraculously, they got to the scene early, as the cat seemed fine after the ordeal, if a little shaken up. If it did have internal injuries, it wasn’t so bad that it couldn’t scamper off on its own.
In the meantime, the snake has tried a vice grip on the man’s arm, but the man is calm, and more importantly, in control. The snake’s head is securely held down by hand, and it really can’t do anything. We hope they managed to dispose of it in a way that kept it alive, but away so that it couldn’t hurt anyone.

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