This Bear Rescued A Crow From Drowning. I Know You Don’t Believe It Neither Did The Crow.

In this footage taken from a Russian zoo, a large brown bear is looking around at its breakfast when suddenly, a bird starts to emerge from the water. For some reason, a crow has found its way into the bear’s small swimming pool, and can’t get itself out. As the bird struggles to get out of the water, the bear takes sudden action, grabbing the bird in its mouth and laying it on the ground, toes up. If, for a moment, you thought the bear was looking for a snack, you have another thing coming.

Nope, the bear walks off and starts chewing on its carrots. The crow stops panicking as soon as it can get on its feet and it just sits there, maybe as astounded as we are. I can only guess when you’re a zoo bear getting fed daily, you have other priorities – like maybe keeping your pool clean.

Crows are smart, and like to repay favors in kind. I bet that that bear got a few treats from that crow and its friends in few days following this.

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