This California Hairstylist Is Helping Women Embrace Their Natural Gray Hair.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped. One must embrace it gracefully. Jack Martin, the owner of Jack Martin Salon has worked with numerous customers who were fed up with coloring their gray hair since it took a lot of time and money. So he decided to start a fabulous new trend helping women accept their natural gray hair.

The trend was loved by so many people that they have been visiting him for an amazing makeover.

Here are 10 before and after images below:

1. This stunning customer was exhausted every 3 weeks with hair color to match the gray roots. They decided to lighten her coloured hair to merge with her roots.

2. She has got the most amazing ombre.

3. Her smile shows how happy she is with the transformation.

4. A total makeover in the best way possible.

5. Wow!

6. Stunning Icy silver.

7. A gorgeous color with a confident cut goes hand in hand.

8. Let’s keep it simple: Beautiful!

9. Super easy to manage.

10. Pretty!!! 

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