This Couple Makes The Most Amazing Sacrifice Every Month.

Couples are a team. Aside from loving each other, they have to work together to accomplish goals, and they rely on each other’s support for individual interests. They have to understand each other in ways that few possibly could, and, together, spread kindness wherever they can.

Being a couple often isn’t easy. You have to make sure you make the right decisions together when it comes to finances and pay those important bills on time. And sometimes, it’s a never-ending struggle to live within your means.

There are some couples who set up a percentage of their income to live on, and whatever is left, is mad money, for new clothes, or a little vacation or maybe even a car. Then there’s Jeff Kaufman and Julia Wise, a married couple that tends to go well beyond that of others… and for a very different reason.

Julia is a social worker and Jeff is a software engineer. Their combined income is a whopping $245,000. And that should be plenty of money for a couple to live the good life and have plenty leftover. But Jeff and Julia really restrict themselves on their income. They live on 6 percent of it. And they are both completely happy about that.

That 6 percent is used for medical, housing, food, clothes and transportation. 22 percent is the tax bite, 32 percent goes into savings and the remaining amount – the largest at 40 percent – goes to something that’s very close to Jeff and Julia’s hearts. It goes… to charity.

They actually prove that money CAN buy happiness, but only if you PUT IT in the right places. 

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