This Couple’s Love Started With A CPR Kiss.

Max Montgomery needed one of his friends on Facebook to help him train for a marathon paddleboard event in New York City. So Andi Traynor decided she would help him train. And during the fourth training session, Max started feeling a burning sensation in his chest. He struggled to make it to his car… then… boom… he was out.

Fortunately, his training partner Andi…. she was a doctor. She checked his pulse, and he didn’t have any. He was, without a doubt, dead. So she quickly got down on her knees and started CPR on Max, and gave him mouth to mouth. There was no heartbeat for 17 minutes.

When EMTs arrived, they gave him six shocks from a defibrillator, and Max’s heart started beating again. Not long after, the couple started dating.

Says Max: “That first kiss being CPR was obviously very magical because here I am and I’m very grateful that I’m able to experience further kisses.”

The two now work together to promote CPR and give classes showing how to save lives with it.

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