This Dog Has Been Waiting At This Spot For 2 Months. His Story Had Me In Tears.

What are the limits of a pet’s loyalty? Can a pet ever display unrequited love? You may have heard of Hachiko, a long fabled dog from Akita Prefecture who visited a train station to wait on his owner who would never return every day for the rest of his life. Today, in Phuket, Thailand, the tale of a dog mysteriously left by the roadside has spread across the country and to the rest of the world.

The dog seems to have been abandoned, and yet it waits, everyday, out in the road, for his owner to come back. Why was he abandoned? Did his owner, like Hachiko, also die without him knowing? Or is this a callous owner who does not deserve this show of love?

Strangers have offered him umbrellas, food, and some have even tried to collect him, but he continues to wait on the edge of the road, for his beloved owner that may never come?

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It makes a romantic image, but we hope, if he cannot be reunited, that this dog can be rescued by Thailand’s animal services, so that they can place him in a proper home with a new family to love him.

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