This Dog Was Crying For Help As He Was Stuck In Icy Water Until Firefighters Came To His Rescue

This dramatic video shows how animal rescue is timeless in how dramatic it can be. As you can see, the situation is not unusual, for better or worse. A dog gets stuck in a frozen pond, between the soft ice and chilling water, and he can’t rescue himself. It takes the local fire rescue team, holding out a ladder, and eventually sending one of their own on board, to pull the dog out and secure his safety.
This video was uploaded in 2007, and the uploader explains it was originally taken a decade ago from that date. So, this video is over 15 years old! One wonders if this dog is still alive, and if it is in good health and spirits.
Either way, we hope it makes you happy to know that people continue to rescue animals in dire situations today.

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