This Guy Buys His Son A New Car, Threatens To Report It Stolen After Finding Out His Son’s Step-Father Took It.

Relationships involving spouses after divorce can result in a variety of not-so-pleasant stories, which can be made much less pleasant if kids are involved. This is true, for example, of the father-stepfather connection.

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I share custody of my son Andy (M16) with his mother Eliza. Eliza is married to Scott, who had 3 kids and they have had 3 more together – so a total of 6 kids (7 the weeks Andy is with them). Eliza and I (and Scott – who won’t stay out of it) have constant conflict over Andy.

I have a good job with a high salary at my family’s company. Eliza and Scott do not make a lot of money. To be honest – I have no idea how they make it on what they earn with such a large family, but as long as Andy is taken care of I know it’s not my business. We ended up in court over whether Andy was to attend private school and I won, but in addition to paying for the school I also had to be the one to provide transportation to and from school.

So I was relieved when Andy became old enough to drive and helped him get his license as soon as he could. I bought him a car – a 2021 Mazda SUV. I am aware that a 16 year old does not need a new car but it had one of the highest safety ratings around and, quite frankly, I can afford it. Eliza and Scott told me I was being a pretentious prick. I paid for the car and it is in my name until Andy turns 18. I also pay for the upkeep of the car and insurance. Andy pays for gas. Neither Eliza nor Scott pays a dime toward the car.

Last week Andy was on spring break so he wasn’t in school. He called me to ask if I could bring over some model paints he had left at my house. I asked him why he didn’t drive over and get them and learned that he was being punished and not allowed to drive. I drove over to drop off the supplies and when I get there his car wasn’t in its usual spot. I asked Andy where his car was and was told that Scott had driven it to work. I told Andy that he wasn’t allowed to have anyone else drive the car, but Andy said that Scott didn’t ask – he just took the keys. I was not a happy camper.

When I bought the car for Andy, I had the conversation with Scott/Eliza that no one besides Andy was to drive the car. Eliza told me that their car wasn’t working and I replied that they are not to drive Andy’s car. Eliza gave me her usual rolled eyes. The next day I purposefully drove by and saw the car was not in the driveway. I called Andy and asked him if Scott had taken the car again and he said yes. I called Eliza and told her that she 1 hour to get Andy’s car back in the driveway or I was calling the police and reporting it stolen.

She yelled at me but when she realized I wasn’t backing down called Scott to bring the car back. He did – making it 10 minutes before I would have called the police – and he yelled at me about making him miss work and therefore lose pay. I told him I didn’t care and if I found out he had done it again I wouldn’t bother giving him a warning, I would just call the cops. Both Eliza and Scott are furious with me and even Andy thinks I went too far. So I am here to get an unbiased opinion. Am I A Jerk? Did I go too far here?

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