This Homeless Man Shows Why You Don’t Need Deep Pockets To Make A Difference. You Only Need A Big Heart.

Sam Pepper a youtuber and prankster decided to perform a social experiment at his close-by pizza shop where he asked strangers to share a slice of pizza with him because he was hungry. He went on to ask two to three people and almost all of them said “No” and rejected his plea. The only person who did share the pizza was a kind hearted homeless man…the pizza was given to him by the Youtuber’s friends minutes ago. Watch the video to see for yourself.

The Youtuber reaffirms that he was the first homeless man he asked and didn’t edit the video in any way.  This video gives us a good lesson, that the ones with so little are always willing to give what they have to help others, and we look down on the homeless, well maybe we should take a good look at ourselves first.

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