“This Is A Story Of How Hate Blinds You”: Employee’s Attempt To Wrongly Accuse A Coworker Backfires As They Get Fired Themselves.

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This is a story of how hate blinds you.

I work in radiology. About 15 plus years ago i was working with a radiographer(x-ray tech) called Smith. Now Smith had recently received two official warnings of duty. One for abusing the boss and one for abusing me. Smith was told to change their attitude and behave. Smith however went on a path of revenge that was endless. I was dying a death of a thousand tiny paper cuts,. Nothing terrible but just lots of little things which i knew Smith had done but i couldn’t prove it.

One Monday morning one of the A&E doctors came over to complain about how poor the X-ray image quality was a couple nights ago. Smith goes over the roster board and sees my name corresponding to that shift (you worked afternoon shift by yourself). Smith charges into the boss’s office demanding a full complaint process . Smith demands since clearly the boss and I have it in for them, HR should run it independently. The boss tries to talk Smith out of it but Smith basically say they don’t trust the boss to deal with me fairly. The boss tells Smith he will hand it over but be careful of what you ask for. Apparently Smith was in quite a lather and so excited that they had got me.

Two days later I was interviewed by two HR guys and an independent chief radiographer from another hospital. We go through each of the images and I agree the work is really poor .It’s clear no one has actually looked too carefully at the paperwork with the x-ray images. The HR guys finally ask why you did such poor work. I replied I didn’t and if they bothered to look on the online pay system i had called in sick that day. In fact Smith had done the overtime shift. They looked stunned. I reminded them I expected the same process for Smith. I also lodged an official complaint about false allegations made by Smith for this case.

Apparently Smith tried to stick to the roster but they showed Smith their pay slip plus that they had signed off on all the images .While HR was deciding what to do with Smith(fire them or not) Smith had two more incidents at work and was eventually fired.

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