“This is irresponsible” – Netizens slam truck driver after he showed off his 33 children from multiple babymamas; he responds

Demond George, a truck driver, is presently under criticism on social media for showing off some of his kids. Demond, who has 33 kids from various mothers, had a photoshoot with his kids and uploaded the photographs on social media.

He donned similar t-shirts and pants in the viral images. “The Legend” was prominently inscribed on his shirt, while his kids wore “The Legacy.”

The joyful dad of three uploaded the images and stated that his legacy will live on forever. He also praised his mom and countless baby mamas for their assistance in caring for his children. He also said that nine of his children were unable to attend the session.

His tweet has gotten a lot of attention on social media, with others criticizing him for being irresponsible with his children. They also stated that he does not make enough money as a truck driver to support 33 children.

In response to the attacks, Demond went live on Facebook to blast individuals who were criticizing him. He claims that his ladies are aware that he does not pull out during sex and instead thrusts deep into their vag**as. He explained, he is not weak. He simply does not pull out. He does not draw back. He is not trying to get out.

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