This Is The Same HOMELESS MAN…BEFORE & AFTER His Transformation.

What a difference a makeover can make! And when it comes to being homeless and letting yourself go, it can make a WORLD of difference, and here are 10 stories of homeless people getting some amazing makeovers.

1. 55-year-old Jose Antonio has been homeless in Majorca, Spain, for the past 25 years. His long, gray hair, dirty beard and scruffy appearance showed about all the hardness and emptiness of being on the streets for those 25 years.

But a salon owner stopped him one day and asked if she could do a makeover on him. Jose agreed. And the salon owner transformed him big time. She cut his hair, trimmed his beard and colored them both.

She then set Jose up with some new, stylish clothes and sent him out on the streets.

2. 18-year-old Luis del Rosario had only been in Sydney one day when he spotted Ian begging on the streets. It’s something the 52-year-old man had been doing for the past 6 years.

Luis felt bad for him, so he bought Ian some water and the two talked for awhile. Luis told Ian he wanted to change his life. Ian was a little skeptical at first, but then the two went shopping for clothes.

Ian then took a shower at a pool house before changing into his new clothes. Luis took him to a barber to give him a haircut and a new outlook on life, and, after a nice dinner at a restaurant with Luis, Ian felt so good about himself, that he was determined to find a job.

3. 35-year-old Robert Maxwell had been on drugs and sleeping outside in freezing weather. When three friends discovered him doing this, they wanted to help him, and, hopefully, turn his life around.

First, they hired Robert as a cleaner at the gymnasium the three owned, took him to get a haircut and beard trimming, AND got him into a rehab center. And now, Robert’s life is LOOKING so much better.

4. Donald Gould was once in the Marine Corps and studied music education in Michigan. But his life veered off path and steered him to the streets, where he became addicted to heroin. Such a waste for any person to find themselves in this situation.

But an unidentified person helped Donald out, and when that person heard Donald play the piano, they started a GoFundMe page for him, which raised $40,000 in only eight days because his playing was just remarkable.

A video of Donald playing the piano went viral, and even helped him to reconnect with the son who had been out of his life for years.

The shaggy hair and shaggy beard that once accompanied Donald on the streets is now gone, and he was given a full scholarship to Michigan’s Spring Arbor University after officials there heard him play. His life has been tuned up dramatically.

5. With long, scraggly hair and a thick brown beard, Bobby would roam the streets of New York.

When police picked him up, they didn’t want to arrest him; they wanted to help him out. So they took him took him to get a nice hot shower; then they worked together to cut his hair short and shave his beard completely off.

After that, the kindhearted officers bought him some new clothes. The transformation was huge, and Bobby could not stop thanking the officers for helping him out.

6. 85-year-old Luciano was homeless on the streets of Ferrenafe, Peru. Then one day, some residents decided to make it a priority to help him. He was dirty, and he had let himself go.

So they cleaned him up, cut his hair and shaved his beard down. They cut his nails and bought him new clothes. Then they took Luciano to a local doctor for a long overdue checkup.

Residents now continue to look after him. This is what can happen when people have genuine concern for someone in their community.

7. At 45, Steve Rimmer was a busker, or someone who entertained on the streets for money. He played his accordion for anyone who would listen, and hopefully, drop a few coins in for him.

He did this in Manchester, and a local radio station would often refer to him on one of its shows. He would even sometimes fill in for someone on that station.

So one day, the officials at the station decided to give Steve a makeover, clipping his white hair and coloring it brown. They shaped his eyebrows, gave him a manicure and pedicure and even some new dentures. Then they got him some new clothes. It was something the station called a “radical makeover.”

8. With a name like Prank It FWD, you would hardly expect a group like that to do something nice for someone. But it did.

One day the Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, California, said it would be giving patrons nothing other than food and drink that day. But there was a surprise in store for them.

The shelter, through Prank It FWD, actually gave the patrons spa treatments, beauty care and all the food and drink they could ask for.

One of those patrons was a woman named Guadalupe, who had not had her hair cut or treated in years. Her transformation was nothing less than amazing.

9. In Kenya, Patrick Hinga was addicted to drugs and lived on the streets, rummaging through the garbage to survive. Then, one day, he ran into an old schoolmate, and she wanted to help him. Her name was Wanja, and she quickly got Patrick into a rehab center.

She then got him cleaned up and now he’s practically unrecognizable. It’s definitely changed Patrick’s life, and Wanja’s as well.

10. Slavik was homeless, roaming around the streets of Lviv, Ukraine in bizarre outfits every day, many of which he found in the trash. But there was something about him; he had a certain flare, a certain “style.”

And when he caught the eye of a fashion photographer visiting the city, Slavik started a whole new life. He was featured on the covers of big magazines. Slavik may let him self go in many ways, but fashion was NOT going to be one of them. 

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