This Janitor Managed To Get A $700,000 BONUS From His Employer.

Most people tend not to notice janitors. But they’re actually the unsung heroes of keeping things clean, and here are 10 stories of some amazing janitors.

1. Fred Vautour is a janitor at Boston College, and he works overnights. And at Boston College, which is pretty prestigious, there’s a policy that if you work there, your kids go there for free.

Now, Fred didn’t have a very high-paying job… but he had five kids, and back in 1998, his oldest, Amy, got into the college, which is tough enough in itself. But once in, her education was free.

After that, the rest of his kids got into the college, with the last one graduating in 2016. All in all, the college provided Fred’s kids with nearly $700,000 in free tuition.

2. Miguel Alvarez only took the janitor’s job at a senior care home to build up some money to he could give his children a good Christmas. Then, disaster struck as the home was forced to close down, leaving many senior citizens without the care they needed.

So Miguel quickly dove in and started changing diapers, spoon-feeding, bathing and comforting those seniors who were left abandoned.

Says Miguel: “I’d never want to see my parents or grandparents go through anything like that. I liked these people. I wanted to treat them well.”

3. Ronald Read, a one-time Vermont janitor, died at the age of 92 in mid-2014. It was very sad when he died, but it blew everyone away… including his own family… when they found out just how much he was worth. I mean, you surely wouldn’t expect a janitor to amass a million dollars… well, he didn’t.

Ronald actually was worth EIGHT million dollars. Yes, he was frugal, using safety pins for missing buttons on his coats and cutting his own firewood even into his 90s. And he drove cheap, second-hand cars.

But at the time of his death, Ronald owned at least 95 stocks, some of which he had held for years, if not decades. And some of those stocks… were really good ones. A large portion of his fortune was left to a library and a hospital.

4. 27-year-old Keanon Kyles juggles several jobs to earn money, and one of those jobs is being a janitor at an ABC station. He’s also a vocal coach and works in a department store.

But his real passion… is singing. And not just ANY singing. Keanon loves the opera. This guy works up to 90 hours a week. THEN, he might squeeze in a little time to practice his singing.

His talent paid off because recently, when he landed the lead role in a Scottish opera production. Sometimes, cashing in on your dreams takes a little elbow grease.

5. In Australia, a janitor working at an office found more than $93,000 hidden away in a bathroom trash can while he was working. While many might have quickly deposited that money in their bank account, the janitor, named Chamindu, turned it over to police.

They told him if no one claimed it after a certain amount of time, Chamindu would get to keep it. Well guess what? No one claimed it. Kinda makes ya wonder… uuuhhh what was going on there…. At any rate, it’s always good to be honest.

6. Ron Munsey loves his job as janitor at Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire. It actually gives him a great outlet to be very creative… like when he vacuums classroom rugs.

Every night while working, he was always vacuums something different into the rugs, giving students and teachers something to really look forward to every single morning.

Some of his morning surprises include a shooting star, castles, sports logos, Charlie Brown and Halloween characters. And everyone appreciates his creativity.

7. In Rochester, New York, Biiftu Duresso was the valedictorian at her high school. Her dad was the janitor of that school, and he encouraged her education every step of the way.

He escaped from Ethiopia as a teenage soldier and had to teach himself the English language after making it to the United States. After graduation Biiftu planned to attend college at Barnard.

8. Richard Montanez, a janitor at the Frito-Lay plant in Rancho Cucamonga, California, came up with an idea one day. He loved spicy foods, so he mixed together a recipe, put it on some Cheetos and presented his idea to the company’s CEO.

That idea Richard had back in 1976 is now the top-selling snack in many stores. Maybe you’ve heard of ’em. I believe they’re known as Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Yeah, those things.

Richard is now vice president at Pepsi.… which goes pretty good with Flamin Hot Cheetos.

9. Gabe Sonnier is the principal at Port Barre Elementary in Port Barre, Louisiana. He’s been at that school for over 30 years now, starting out with his office just down the hall… in a closet. He was that school’s janitor.

When he wasn’t cleaning classrooms, he was studying, and soon earned his teaching degree. Some years later, he earned his master’s degree, and now, he’s the head of that school. And to this day, he still cleans his own office, one just a little bigger than that closet down the hall.

10. When President John F. Kennedy was taking a tour of NASA in 1962, he spotted a janitor. The president broke from the tour, walked over to the janitor and asked him what he was doing.

The janitor looked up and humbly said, “Well, Mr. President, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

That janitor KNEW he was part of a team, a team that worked as one to accomplish a mission. His job was just as important as the telephone operator in the building, and the designer of the space craft, and the engineer, and the flight director… and the astronaut. All a team… working as one.

And perhaps that’s how we should look at everyone… in every job. 

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