This Little Dog Wasn’t Hiding In A Ravine. Closer Inspection Revealed Something That Melted My Heart.

Why was this Shih-Tzu found hiding in a ravine? We know this kind of cliffhanger is a tired trope, but we think you will enjoy the answer as much as we did.

No, the little dog wasn’t lost, or hiding, in that ravine close to a Home Depot. It was protecting an even smaller friend, a kitten that seems to have become its family.

Of course, both animals were rescued (thanks to animal control officer Michelle Smith) and because of the dogged determination of a certain Shih Tzu named Goldie, were inseparable throughout their recovery and stay in an animal shelter.

Eventually the two were adopted, together of course, hopefully to spend the rest of their lives happily in each other’s company.

While cats and dogs living amicably is not really that unusual, Goldie’s loyalty to his kitten friend is remarkable, and you can see it in his body language in these pictures. Not all of us can brag to having loyal friends like this.

The dog was found yelping behind a Home Depot. When Animal control officer Michelle Smith climbed down the ravine to help, she saw the dog nursing a tiny kitten.

The shih tzu, “Goldie”, didn’t want to leave the kittens side.

When the kitten and dog were taken to a local animal shelter, their close bond continued — they were inseparable.

Eventually they were both adopted and went to a forever home where they’ll happily coexist.



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