This Lovely Mother Cherishes The Mess Her Children Make.

Story by Alecia

I step out of the office to cries of “mama” coming from outside. My eyes follow the red lines scribbled across the wall. I sigh in frustration and exhaustion.

I look up and see the dust across the doorframe, cobwebs in the corner, dirty handprints on the wall.

“I’ll clean that up later,” I whisper to myself as I hear another call for ‘Mama’ coming from outside. I head out the door only to see the oldest three covered in mud and chalk. Before I can stop her, I watch Frankie wipe her hands on the siding.

They excitedly shout, “Look at our tree, Mama!” As they tug me along, I notice some forlorn mittens in the grass that were misplaced from the last cold spell. There’s a few scattered candy wrappers and hot pink plastic bits from the toy eaten by the lawn mower.

The mess is overwhelming most days. It triggers my anxiety and leaves me feeling frustrated. Not good enough. Lazy. Embarrassed.

Gently, I remind myself that someday all my work will be done, my arms will be empty, my house will be clean, and I will long for the muddy footprints and overflowing bathtub.

Today, though, I will cherish the mess. I’m slowly growing my most important crop – my babies.

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