Thoughtful Gift To Her Cancer Stricken Grandma Will Bring You To Tears.

Our grandparents are very special. And for some, they mean the world, and here are 10 stories of people who made their grandparents cry… in a good way.

1. 79-year-old Frances Jones was going through chemo treatment. Stage 4 cancer. Young Maddie didn’t want her grandmother going through all that alone, so she did something very special for Frances…something very comforting.

She gave her a chemo blanket. But this was no ordinary blanket. Maddie had taken the time to sew into it a shirt belonging to Frances’s husband. It was one of his favorites.

They had been married for 56 years when he had heart attack…and died soon after. When Frances saw the shirt, she broke down and cried. Then the rest of the family cried along with her.

2. Felipe Leon had picked up his date and was preparing to head to his prom at Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas. But there was someplace else he wanted to go first…. to visit his grandfather who was in the hospital.

He was in the hospital because his diabetes was forcing the amputation of a toe. Felipe was proud to bring in his date and introduce her to the man who had who had been such a big part of his life.

When Felipe bent down and hugged his grandfather, his date was reduced to tears. And so was his grandfather.

3. Couple of years ago in Wiltshire, England, Scott Masters moved in with his grandmother to help take care of his grandfather, Bruce, after Bruce was diagnosed with dementia.

On Bruce’s 80th birthday, Scott presented his grandfather with a special present… As the family had always loved dogs, he gave Bruce a little black puppy.

Scott’s grandfather became very emotional at the thoughtfulness of the gift. Sadly, Bruce passed away 7 months later.

4. John had moved to Florida from Wisconsin, and, after a while, he really started missing his grandfather. His grandfather, a World War II veteran, was now 90… and he was blind.

Recently, John’s grandfather had lost his sister, so several in the family took him out for dinner and tried to cheer him up. Then, the “waiter” came by and asked the elderly man if he could take his order. He gave him his order and the waiter said, “Don’t you recognize me?”

The elderly man explained that he was blind, to which the waiter responded that his voice, the one his grandfather hears a couple of times on the phone every day, should be easily recognizable.

It was John. He had flown in from Florida for a special visit with his hero. John’s grandfather grabbed John’s hand and broke down crying, along with the rest of the family, and most everybody else in the restaurant.

5. Fred Lamar, of Louisville, Kentucky, had a 57 Chevy Bel Air in his garage. It was pretty much a rusted out piece of junk. He had owned it since he was 28 and never got around to working on it. It just sat and collected dust.

Then at Fred’s 81st birthday, his grandson, Cam, gave him a special gift… it was that rusted out piece of junk… FULLY Restored!!!

Cam had been working on it for a year… and it was now a beauty! Fred was shocked, and shed some tears.

Says Fred: “It means the world to me.”

Then he kissed it and said he was gonna sleep in it.

6. Sometimes you just can’t imagine your children or grandchildren doing some of the incredible things they do… even if it happens to kinda be their job.

Tyson Jost is a forward for the Colorado Avalanche, and during only his fourth game in the National Hockey League, he scored his first goal. And up in the stands, surrounded by thousands of fans, Tyson’s proud grandfather, Jim, broke down and cried.

Then, a few seconds later, he reached back down for his popcorn and dealt with his emotions by snacking.

7. Leyla Fitzpatrick had moved to Australia from England with her husband and children. But after two years, she grew very homesick and really missed her grandparents.

So Leyla and her family flew back to England to surprise them. And surprise she did. Her grandparents were thrilled to see them all again, and the tears flowed.

8. Christian became a Marine in great part because of his grandfather, Jeffrey, a disabled Vietnam veteran. Jeffrey was proud of his grandson. But Christian was deployed overseas and Jeffrey had not seen him. That is, until Jeffrey’s birthday came around, and Christian showed up at Jeffrey’s home decked out in his dress uniform. Jeffrey was so proud he cried.

Says Christian: “I always told him when I was little, I’d make him proud one day, and seeing his smile when I showed up in my blues absolutely thrilled me.”

9. 70-year-old Sharon Thompson was recovering from brain surgery at a hospital in Wyoming. She was watching an internet site and smiling while it broadcast the live graduation of her granddaughter Taylor’s class.

Then, Taylor suddenly appeared in her grandmother’s room. The young woman, walking into the hospital room in her cap and gown, had skipped the ceremonies just to be with her grandmother.

Sharon burst into tears when she realized what Taylor had done. It was a very special… and emotional… moment for the two of them.

10. Some 30 years ago, Tommie Sue Wilkey jotted down a little song and recorded it onto a cassette tape. And then, she pretty much forgot about it.

Recently, her grandson, up-and-coming country musician Travis Ryan Smith, of Blytheville, Arkansas, sat his grandmother down on her couch and told her to hit the play button on her CD player.

After Tommie did, she was almost immediately overcome with tears. Travis had recorded that song that his grandmother wrote so many years ago. And Tommie’s song has now been heard around the globe.

It’s a beautiful song called Fishing in the Sky

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