Thug Tries To Steal Marine Veteran’s Flag — Makes Texas-Sized Mistake.

Howard Banks, a legally blind 92-year-old World War II veteran, flies Old Glory outside his Kaufman, Texas, home. After being blinded by a flare while serving his nation, you’d think individuals would leave the old guy alone to live out his days in peace, but that’s not the case. Years after serving in the military, he is still protecting the flag.

Unfortunately, our flag has become a sign of contention and division, and someone found fault with Banks displaying the American and Marine Corps flags outside his home on many occasions. While some believe the flag symbolizes everything that the country has to offer and fly it proudly in honor of those who have served to protect it, others think America has failed to guarantee liberty and equality for everyone. The latter takes issue with the wonderful nation’s insignia and refuses to recognize the country’s emblem.

Irrespective of where one stands on the nation and the flag, most people would agree that all individuals have the freedom to do whatever they want with their own property and flag display. Sadly, at least one thug did not share this sentiment when they noticed Banks’ flag flying outside his Texas house. In addition to disrespecting the flag, the degenerate attempted to violate the veteran’s rights — however the war hero was not going down without a fight.

The blind veteran was doing his own business when he heard his flag being torn down, and because this wasn’t the first time somebody had harmed his property, namely his flags, he had a decent sense of what was going on outside. Because the old guy couldn’t see, the accused probably felt he was an easy victim, but they made a terrible error. He could hear quite well.

Hearing the sounds immediately, the old guy sprung into action, racing outdoors to find out what was going on. That’s when Banks spotted the goons in action. However, the filthy people decided to go one step farther in their disdain.

He walked out, grabbing the railing and stepping down. That had to have surprised them, Banks remembered. They were able to see him. They were invisible to him. He turned and glanced in the opposite direction, and suddenly ‘wham!’ They threw him down.”

Despite taking a blow and being hurt in the ensuing turmoil, Banks effectively protected his American flag. The bandit was compelled to flee without the item. Not to be deterred, and wishing to express his displeasure with the veteran’s patriotic feelings, the vandal pulled down and flung the elderly man’s “God Bless All Police” sign across the yard. Even yet, things didn’t go as planned for this bandit.

The thug’s assault had the reverse consequence of teaching the old guy a message about his flag display. There’s little question the vandal intended to deter the veteran from saluting the flag, yet he failed miserably. The veteran not only defended the flag, but he also received an outpouring of encouragement after neighbors heard the altercation and raced to the old man’s rescue.

Banks sustained a twisted knee as well as other knocks and bruises, though he is unconcerned about his wounds. He joined the military at the age of 18 and participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima, Japan, during World War II. It’s the one thing he can hold to, he said of the flag and his daily practice of saluting it, which he picked up in the military. However, he is limited in his abilities. But he can respect the flag.

The vandal, on the other hand, will not get off lightly. They are doing everything in the ability to discover and seek justice for the perpetrators who conducted this vicious assault, the Kaufman Police Department stated in a statement. This gentleman is a hero to the police, and the inhabitants of the city should be very happy to have him as a member of the community.

Somebody had previously attempted to tear down Banks’ flagpole. He discovered his US flag destroyed and his US Marine Corps flag tossed in a ditch at the time. With this recent vandalism attempt, his family has installed cameras around the outside of his home, and any future criminals who intend to assault should think twice.

That appears to be just what these punks require. You are not required to like the American flag. That is correct. You never have the right to touch someone else’s property, though. The truth that this thug would shove a blind veteran walking with a cane only goes to show how low they are. Do you dislike the flag? Don’t take one. But don’t touch a military hero who wishes to quietly commemorate the country he valiantly served on his own land.

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