Toddler Diagnosed With Rare Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer Is Declared Cancer-Free

McKenna Shea Xydias, merely 2-year-old lately found out she is cured and has no more cancer. The little girl was detected with an infrequent form of ovarian cancer earlier this year and had to endure surgical procedure and chemotherapy. Though, her family just got the heart-warming update that McKenna is in remission. 

McKenna’s parents, Michael and Megan Xydias turn out to be worried when they discovered bulge in their daughter’s stomach. Their family’s doctor reassured their doubts and they were told that McKenna perhaps just had some gas.

However, a call from the school nurse later reignited the parents worry. McKenna had a 103-degree temperature and her stomach was more swollen than ever. The doctor once again told them that their daughter suffered from gas swelling.

McKenna’s parents were not fulfilled with this finding and they took their daughter to the hospice. A CT and MRI scan discovered that McKenna had tumors around one of her ovaries and others dispersed all over her stomach.  

The kind of Ovarian tumor McKenna suffers from is very sporadic. Luckily, the indications exposed the illness early enough to give medics satisfactory possibilities to treat the ailment. A surgery was conducted on the two-year-old to eliminate the progress and done without difficulties. McKenna then started four circles of chemotherapy before she was announced free of cancer.

McKenna’s mom also shared some guidance about attending to your parental instinct. She said that there’s the medicinal facet of trust your instinctive when it comes to your kid’s health and there’s the life facet of relish every minute.

Brave 2-year-old is fighting rare ovarian cancer as family holds onto hope

Brave 2-year-old is fighting rare ovarian cancer as family holds onto hope: 'She's our hero.'

Posted by Good Morning America on Friday, 1 March 2019

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