Toddler dies in crash after ‘accquaintance’ steals car while he was still inside.

Zarion Robinson had just turned 13 months old, a significant milestone for his parents. He was a Milwaukee native who was sitting in the back of his mom’s automobile, which was parked outside her house.

His mom dashed inside the house to finish a quick task. Zarion was left in her car with an unnamed woman whom she is said to know.

While Zarion’s mother walked inside, the unidentified lady hopped into the driver’s seat and drove away in the Pontiac. She was involved in a fiery crash moments later.

When first responders arrived on the scene, they found Zarion crying face down in his car seat, which had fallen to the floor of the vehicle.

The driver and Zarion were both taken to Children’s Hospital. He was declared dead at 1:10 a.m. on Saturday, less than two hours after the anonymous 31-year-old lady smashed the vehicle the youngster was in. The unidentified woman was taken into custody after being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The occupants of the second car involved in the incident, a green Dodge Caravan, left the scene, according to police.

In a subsequent media interview, Zarion’s mother, Mikayla Tweedie, stated that the car thief was her “acquaintance” and had previously been sitting in the backseat before deciding to steal the vehicle.

Her cousin and she went inside to drop off her cousin’s cat.

She took the initiative to get in the driver’s seat and drive away with her child in the car. The mom called her and told her that she didn’t care about the car; all she wanted was her baby back, the bereaved mother explained.

Tweedie has said that she has no clue why her friend tried to take her automobile.

Eddie Anthony, Zarion’s dad, has also talked to the media.

He didn’t deserve it; he had a lot of life ahead of him. As the father already said, he is gone but never forgotten, yet he caused them a great deal of grief that they will never forget. Everyone will think about it every day, every minute, every second, so it’s difficult, it’s hard, the bereaved father said.

Donnie Thomas, the toddler’s grandpa, shares these sentiments. Justice must be served, he said.

He had the most incredible heart. He was a vulnerable child. Everyone smiled when he walked into the room, the mother stated of her kid. Bug’s Life Learning Center, one street from the daycare, staged a balloon release and vigil for young Zarion.

It’s simply terrible since every day, while they attempt to safeguard the infants and toddlers in the care, they find out a baby perished in a tragic collision just outside their doors, said Katherine Poston, owner of the daycare. Stolen vehicles and irresponsible driving have become too common. They must safeguard their children.

This is such a tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers are with Zarion Robinson’s family and loved ones.

Please join us in expressing our sympathies to the bereaved family.

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