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Toddler Missing For 2 Days, Man Opens Door & Realizes Pit Bull Had The Girl

Charlee Campbell, a then two-year-old toddler from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, vanished from her grandparents’ house.

Charlee Campbell, 2, is affectionately known as “Mo.”

Charlee resides in the little Kentucky town of Lebanon Junction. The child was tucked in her bed at 5:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning when her grandfather departed for work.

The horror started at 10 a.m. Beth Campbell, her terrified grandma, awoke to find the front door open. Charlee and Penny, the family pit bull, were both gone.

Southeast Bullitt Fire Department, together with scores of firemen, officers, and bloodhounds, started scouring the densely forested region.

Nearly 100 volunteers and first responders are also involved in the hunt, but Charlee and Penny have yet to be found after nearly two days.

Charlee has autism, according to the “Missing” posters, and was last seen wearing a blue set of “Frozen” pajamas.

The heartbroken neighborhood was inundated with reports of a missing youngster. Then, 36 hours later, a miracle.

On the Saturday following Charlee’s disappearance, a Lebanon Junction man named Wayne Brown sat on his sofa, praying for the lost youngster. And just then, he noticed something interesting standing in his backyard.

“Please protect this little kid,” he prayed.

Wayne noticed a blonde girl in his garden. As she neared the porch, he leapt up and went to the door.

“Are you Charlee?” he inquired.

She remained silent. She was filthy, with ticks on her body and leaves in her hair. Then Wayne noticed her “Frozen” blouse.

Wayne instantly contacted the police.

The finding had a profound impact on Wayne. His younger brother disappeared when he was eight years old. He’d gotten away from the house and scaled three fences, he stated. They tracked him down miles away from the residence. His uncle was the one who discovered him, and he was dead.

Wayne was thankful that Charlee did not endure the same fate.

But then the narrative took an even more encouraging turn. Penny, her family’s pit bull, had gone home to Beth just minutes before Charlee arrived on Wayne’s farm.

Penny, Beth feels, remained at Charlee’s side the whole time she was absent, ensuring her safety.

Right here is their hero, Beth stated of Penny.

She was not going to leave that baby until she arrived here when her dog didn’t come home and her baby wasn’t home.

Recall how Wayne mentioned Charlee didn’t say anything when he discovered her? That wasn’t entirely correct.

Charlee only uttered one word, pointing to Wayne’s dog and saying, “Puppy.”

Charlee was taken to the hospital and is expected to heal fully.

They cannot thank the firemen, EMTs, dispatchers, search teams, other public safety agencies, and community volunteers enough, officials stated on Facebook.

Thank heavens Charlee and Penny are safe and well.

Dogs are very fascinating animals.

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