Toddler shreds over $1000 that parents had saved for a debt

Ben and Jackee Belnap of Salt Lake City, Utah, had been saving up quite a while so they could buy season tickets for football games.

And when they went to get the money to make the purchase, they discovered something very unsettling. All of their money, estimated to be about $1,060, had been shredded up. All of it. Now who would DO such a thing??

Ben and Jackee often let their 2-year-old son Leo help them shred junk mail. Destroying such things is apparently considered bonding time for this family. Well, the savings was kept inside an envelope in a filing cabinet.

When Ben pulled it out, he left it on the kitchen counter unattended for a short while, and Leo came across it. Of course, in his young eyes, that was junk mail…. so he put it through the shredder.

The next day, Ben called the U.S. Treasury Department’s Mutilated Currency Division. Yes, there IS such a thing. And an official there told him to send the shredded cash in Ziplock bags to them – which they would somehow piece together – and they would send him his money back.

Ben was thrilled they were able to do that. Only problem is…. it would take up to two years to process it. Looks like Ben and Jackee will be watching the games on TV for awhile. 

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