Toddler With His Friends For Life.

All kids have a certain, innocent way about them, and maybe animals can sense thatand here are 6 stories of kids with unbelievable animal friendships.

1. In Karnataka, India, a little boy… only 18 months old…has discovered he has some very unusual friends….Vervet monkeys. He hugs them and kisses them… and they hug him back and kiss him back.

And they never turn on the little boy, even when he tugs at their tails. And when he feeds them, something he’s been doing for a year now, they just love it.

And they have become his personal alarm clock, waking him up at 6 a.m. every day for breakfast.

2. The Aspinall family has had a long history with gorilla relations, so it was really no big deal for little Tansy Aspinall some 25 year ago… to be playing with them as a toddler.

Gorilla attacks can result in some very severe injuries. But her father, Damian, was so sure that the gentle giants would not harm her, that he let them play together.

For the gorillas, Tansy was just part of their family. Guess that turned out ok, because Tansy is all grown up now and has no battle scars… or regrets.

3. Sometimes when we’re kids, we start off small with animals… maybe a hamster, then a little tweety bird, then maybe a cat, that we SHOULD NOT name Sylvester for obvious reasons. But one couple in Russia jumped right into the bigger pets, adopting a Siberian tiger cub to care for. And their young son, Arseny, couldn’t be happier.

The cub, however, will be returned to a safari park when it gets too big and strong for the family to care for.

4. Back in 2011, little Gabi Mann was only 4 when she dropped one of her chicken nuggets in the yard. And a crow swooped down to get it. Ever since then, the large number of crows have been watching over her.

From that point, Gabi kept throwing out pieces of food on a regular basis for the crows. And, incredibly, she would be rewarded for it. The crows would often bring her back items they found on their journeys, items which Gabi now considers her treasures.

There are beads, some shiny rocks, small silver balls, buttons… and a bunch of other things. Gabi’s favorite, though, is a small, pearl-colored heart. The crows realize that Gabi’s been awful good to them over the years, and they just wanted to return the favor.

5. The very first word to come out of little Tyler’s mouth… was duck. And it’s no wonder, considering his Texas family has had a bunch of ducks since before Tyler was born.

But as Tyler grew, one duck in particular, Beaker, took a very strong liking to him. And now, every time Tyler cries, Beaker quacks and quickly runs over to comfort him. They are definitely the best of buds.

6. In Indonesia, little Enal doesn’t swim with the dolphins… THAT’s baby stuff. He swims with the sharks! He’s part of what is known as the Bajau… or sea nomads, and he considers the sharks as part of his family.

He will grab on to a tail and that shark will take him all through the waters, never attempting to bite at him. Pretty risky business, but Enal and the Bajau seem to have things under control.

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