Toddler’s Adorable Friendship With The Trashman Goes Viral.

Some kids are obsessed with the flashing lights of police cars; some are fascinated by those big red fire engines. And, yet, others are attracted by a vehicle that is completely different, and here are 10 stories of kids who love garbage trucks.

1. When the Rufus family moved into their new home in Plano, Texas, a couple of years ago, little Lance quickly became good friends with his neighborhood’s garbage man, James Jackson, who brings his trash-eating truck around every Monday and spends a little time with 2-year-old Lance, who’s always looking and listening for his friend come those Mondays.

And because Lance loves his buddy James so much, he has a miniature garbage truck and wears a reflective jacket — just like the one James wears – while playing with it. As for James? He loves having a little buddy in the neighborhood and always looks forward to their visits.

Says James: “It makes it all sweet when you see someone who really likes what you do.”

2. For a year, little Brooklyn got so excited when she seen the garbage man coming down the street and collecting her family’s trash. At first, she would smile, then she would wave… and then she made her mom, Traci, take her outside to see the driver closer and wave at him.

That driver was Delvar Dopson. And he would give the little girl a big smile and wave back at her. On Brooklyn’s birthday, which, incidentally, was trash day, her mom waved down Delvar to stop, so they could meet him. And when he did, the birthday girl had something very special for him – a cupcake. He loved it, and told Brooklyn’s mom that he was always just excited to see her as she was to see him.

Traci posted on her Facebook page about the meeting with Delvar and thanked him for making her little girl so happy.

3. 6-year-old Rocco, of Spring Hill, Florida, has autism, and would look out the window every day and watch as the garbage truck would pass by, and he would watch it until it disappeared from sight. And for his birthday, he wanted a nice garbage truck cake. So his mom, Stephanie, decided to throw him a “Birthday Trash Bash,” and she called her trash service to invite the men who collected their trash.

So the men showed up in their big, blue garbage truck and had lots of surprises and goodies for Rocco and his friends. They also were given a tour of the big truck as well.

4. Ever since Cohen Mahoney was a little boy in Lafayette, Louisiana, he’s been wowwed by garbage trucks. He just thinks they’re the coolest thing. And now, at the ripe old age of 7, his neighborhood’s garbage men and women had a big surprise for his birthday.

They gave him a toy garbage truck, a gift basket, some trash cans and even some clothing with his name monogrammed on them. And maybe the Coolest thing they did was let him get behind the wheel of their rig. That was good practice for Cohen, especially since he wants to be a garbage collector when he grows up.

5. 5-year-old Daniel, an autistic boy, just loves watching his neighborhood’s garbage truck and its workers do their thing. He waits all week for their Monday arrival. And for quite some time he would stand outside his house watching them, and waving, and there was sheer excitement from him when they were around, as he would actually go through the motions of the garbage truck collecting the trash.

Then, one day, the garbage man, Manuel, stopped his truck in front of Daniel’s house, got out and walked up to the little boy with a surprise. It was a toy garbage truck. Daniel’s mom and dad were thrilled that Manuel had taken the time to brighten up their son’s day even more with that gift.

6. Dagen is just a little guy, but already in the small amount of life he’s lived, he’s been through multiple bone marrow transplants and chemo treatments, and spends most of his time at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

But every birthday, every Christmas, he wants anything and everything that has to do with garbage trucks – toys, models, videos – just… everything. And he knows he wanted to be a garbage truck driver.

So for Christmas, during one of the few chances he had to spend it at home, he got quite the surprise, when Santa and his elves showed up with a life-sized garbage truck for Dagen to drive, with someone helping him, of course.

The sanitation department worked with a donor known only as “the chief elf” to make Dagen’s Christmas wish come true.

7. In Greenwood, Indiana, 11-year-old Hope Parker is a very outgoing girl. And that’s pretty amazing, especially since she can’t speak and was born with only half a heart. She suffered a stroke during heart surgery that took away her ability to speak.

But the one thing that gets her really excited – speaking or not – is seeing the garbage truck go through her neighborhood. The guys running the garbage truck knew that, so they asked her mom if they could bring her something special for her birthday. And they did… a toy garbage truck.

She was overwhelmed by the gift and the presence of her favorite guys on her birthday, and one of the garbage men said, “That was probably the happiest kid I have ever seen.”

8. Ever since triplets Heaton, Wilder and Holden were babies, the men who collected their trash every Tuesday and Friday morning would honk and wave at them.

The kids are 3 now and have a really special bond with trashmen Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore and Chad Cover. They get so excited every Tuesday and Friday morning when they see that familiar trash truck coming down their road.

They often will wait at the side of the road for the trashmen to stop, and the kids offer them some donuts or Gatorade. Then the kids give them the best thing of all. Hugs. The kids obviously look forward to the trashmen.

“Garb” day is almost here – the snicker doodles were so excited to see their friends on Tuesday!!!

Posted by Martha Sugalski on Thursday, 19 May 2016

9. In Holland, Michigan, a garbage truck driver gave a smile and a wave to a little boy in a neighborhood. And that little boy’s love for garbage trucks and the garbage man grew from there.

Landon is 10 and he has autism. But for some time now – about 7 of his 10 years — his biggest interest is the garbage man and his truck. But in this case, the garbage Man… is a woman, named Michelle. And Landon is very impressed with the work she does. He was shy with her at first but warmed up to her after a few weeks. Then, they started having little conversations about school, life and family.

He would draw pictures for her and even asked his grandmother to bring back something special from Hawaii for Michelle. He himself did not ask for anything. So grandma brought her back a little hula doll for her dashboard. And Michelle always has Landon’s favorite candy… Tootsie Rolls.

Says Michelle: “To know you got a buddy like that… that looks forward to Seeing you… you’re a little bit more than the trash person. It makes a difference.”

10. Grace, Rose and Sophia Evensson, all little sisters in Blue Earth, Minnesota, absolutely LOVE seeing the garbage truck come down their street. Whatever game they’re playing or toy they’re playing with… they stop when they hear that truck rumbling their way.

One will even grab binoculars to get a closer look at the truck and the man behind the wheel of it. They will wave and smile at the men every single week. And the men, Brandon and Taylor, will wave and smile back at them. And the girls love it. For the guys… it makes their day.

Says Taylor: “It could warm anybody’s heart seeing those girls wave.”

At Halloween, the guys left them treats, and the girls drew them pictures. And the guys treasure those. 3-year-old Rose has stage 4 kidney cancer and is undergoing treatments, so her mom gave the men a letter to let them know about it, so they might understand when they don’t see the girls some weeks.

Says Brandon: “I have three kids of my own at home and it tore me apart.”

When Brandon and Taylor told their boss about it, he sent the girls’ parents a letter. He expressed that he was proud that his men could bring the girls a smile and told their parents to please accept the gift of a year’s worth of free garbage collection service. Brandon and Taylor actually traded in their complimentary service from their company so they could give it to the Evenssons.

Says Mr. Evensson: “It really brightened our day that they would do this, and to know they cared.”

For Christmas, Brandon and Taylor also brought all of the girls some gifts, saying “We miss ’em when they’re gone.”

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