Toddler’s REACTION To Hearing Sound For The First Time.

Grace Rosian has had health problems since the day she was born. She was two months premature, and she had Down Syndrome. Doctors also quickly discovered she had leukemia, and she underwent chemotherapy treatment at only 2 days old.

Her parents would barely get to hold her while she spent the next two months in the intensive care unit. But the one good thing is that Grace was responding to the treatment.

Finally, Grace was released to her parents and went home. But that was shortlived. When she was 10 months old, they took her back to the hospital for tests. The results were not good. The young girl had developed an even more serious form of leukemia, one that had the potential of attacking her bone marrow. So now, the treatments would be more intense, and Grace’s hospital stay this time would be eight months. And all her parents could do was pray.

The cancer was found in Grace’s spine, and 10 spinal tap operations were performed on her. And throughout it all, she stayed a happy, positive little girl. While at the hospital, Grace was also treated for something else: her hearing, which had been impaired since birth. But once she was fitted for hearing aids, a whole new world opened up to her. And, slowly, she was very happy to hear all those new sounds, especially the voices of her parents.

But the best news of all is that when Grace left the hospital after those eight long months, she was cancer free. And doctors and nurses lined the hospital hallway and applauded as the little girl was wheeled out to start her new life.

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