Tomorrow I am leaving my wife and she will wake up and i’ll be gone so will our kids

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My wife is a drug addict. I have tried to get her into rehab 7 times but she always relapsed. We’ve tried therapy and counselling but the same thing, relapsing.

She is not fit to be a mother to our daughter and son and if I hadn’t come Home to her screaming at them last week I don’t know what would have happened if my wife was screaming and my daughter was shielding her younger brother. She is only 9 and he is 5.

I have left her a note stating I will Let her see our kids after she is clean for a year and shows a negative drug test and signs of being sober until then don’t bother trying to find us.

I feel bad but I know that for my kids sake we have to go I have paid off the rent on the apartment for 2 months then she’s On her own thank you for listening to my Ted talk

Update: We are out and in a new safe place and I won’t say where but it is out of the country where I used to live I am staying with a relative who has a very big house and am paying rent

As for the situation of my wife Suing she won’t because not only do I have evidence from the home security footage i have also alerted cps and they recommended leaving for the kids safety and mine.

I would like to say thank you for all the support it had given me more piece of mind and has reassured me I made the correct choice

I have my kids passport birth certificate and other legal documents and we are secure thank you for all the support

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