Touching Moment When Flight Attendant Serenades Mom Of Fallen Trooper.

Debbie Edenhofer lost her son, an Arizona State trooper, when he was shot and killed in the line of duty. It was a parent’s worst nightmare. Some months later Debbie was taking a Southwest Airlines flight to Louisville, Kentucky. She was flying to a ceremony for a park bench that was being dedicated to her son. And, of course, she was still struggling with things.

Apparently, the flight crew learned about Debbie’s tremendous loss. So during the flight, one of the crew members got on the plane’s public address system and said the flight was carrying the mother of a state trooper who was killed in the line of duty. Then, he started to sing. He sang the song, “You Raise Me Up.”

That crew member was Scott Wirt, who said he always likes to give back to customers the best way he knows how. After singing the song, all of the passengers applauded him, and Debbie was extremely grateful to him.

Dear Southwest Airlines: So today I got on my flight to Louisville, wearing my headphones, taking up as much space as possible so that no one would sit by me. Sitting comfortably in my personal universe listing to one of my favorite jams, the public address crackled and one of your flight attendants interrupted me. He stated that we had a mother on the flight who’s son had been killed in the line of duty as a state trooper. He then proceeded to sing her a beautiful song. I just want you to know I think we should have more interruptions like this. In fact, it is no interruption at all. It actually makes things quite clear. And it shares, in a public way, a private burden this family carries. – To the flight attendant….thank you for leading us and for honoring them. – To the mother…..”Thank you” seems so utterly inadequate. May you be blessed daily in your thoughts of your son’s service and sacrifice. May heaven give you in abundance what you missed here on earth.

Posted by Sean Warren on Friday, 22 March 2019

One passenger said there should be more interruptions like this on flights. I don’t think I would call that an interruption. I think for one hurting mother, it was more of an incredible blessing. 

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