Town Shows Unbelievable Support To Woman Who Lost Her 2 Yr. Old Son.

When’s the last time you got a hug from someone? I bet… it felt pretty good, huh…., and here are 10 hugs that meant quite a lot.

1. Losing a child at any age is just heart-breaking. One woman, Mary, lost her child age of 2. She lost that child because of a reckless driver… someone who just wasn’t paying attention to the road.

One never heals from something like that; the pain is always there. But her town rallied around her to support her as much as it could.

Residents spent time with her, and they would cook for her. And maybe, what helped her most through that time, was they hugged her. A lot. And, for her, that meant… so much.

2. Last year, Daterraion Richardson of Liberty North had just won the state wrestling championship…. his school’s first…. and he just couldn’t hold in his emotions.

So he hugged the referee. And then, he hugged the assistant referee. Then he hugged his coaches, and his teammates and even his opponents. But he didn’t stop there. He went into the stands and hugged some more people.

And finally, saving the best for last, he found his mom… and he hugged her.

3. Little 8-year-old Rosalyn was on a mission…. she set herself a goal of hugging law enforcement officers in every single state, and her parents fully support her.

It started with the horrible police shootings in Dallas two years ago. Since then, she’s been hugging many officers in several states. She gives a hug, a sticker and a card to each officer.

Says Rosalyn: “I ask God to let the police officers be safe and fight the bad guys off and send them to jail.”

Rosalyn is halfway to her goal, having now hugged officers in 25 states.

4. 25 years ago, Linda Koebner helped rescue some chimps from a research lab, getting them to a chimpanzee sanctuary in Louisiana before taking them to an enclosure in Florida.

When she returned to that enclosure after all those years, she was still recognized… by the chimps.

One of them, named Swing, smiled wide and lovingly embraced the woman who rescued him. It was a very emotional reunion for Linda and Swing.

5. Malan Wilkinson wanted to take her own life, and she was preparing to jump from the Britannia Bridge to do just that when someone stopped her.

That someone was Gwyn Jones and he asked only one thing of Malan. He asked if he could have a hug. Malan was mad at him at first for interrupting her plans to end her life. Then, she stopped, climbed down and embraced the man.

With all the people driving by acting like they could care less, Gwyn was the only one to stop… because he did care. And now, because of Gwyn’s request for a hug, Malan feels she has a second chance at life.

6. Last year, Prince William made a visit to a crisis center in London after a fire broke out claiming 58 people at Grenfell Tower in west London. He was there to calm the survivors’ fear, and to actually give a shoulder to cry on.

And even though it was against royal protocol, Prince William hugged some of those survivors. One was a woman who had lost her husband after he was trapped in an elevator.

7. A baby owl had suffered significant head trauma after it was hit by a car in Michigan. But Doug Pojeky rescued it.

When the owl recovered, Doug made a visit to it, and the owl rested its head on his shoulder and wrapped both wings around him.

The owl, named Gigi, wanted to show Doug its appreciation.

8. Angel Mott was at the mall all alone when she got a call that her mom had died. She was grief-stricken, breaking down in the middle of a store aisle. And then, suddenly, a woman walked up to Angel and wrapped her arms around her, and Angel told her that her mom had just died. The stranger hugged her tighter, then started crying with her.

There was no one else… just this stranger consoling her after some tragic news. She was such a comfort to her at such a terrible time, and Angel didn’t even get her name.

The next day, Angel posted about her mom and the news of her death… and the stranger who hugged her and cried with her… and helped her through such a terrible time. Angel was hoping to find her and thank her.

Then, a few days later during her mom’s visitation at the funeral home, Angel was surprised when that stranger walked up to her, and embraced her once again. And Angel thanked the stranger, whose name was Stephanie, for being such a comfort to her.

9. Loubie is a volunteer dog in New York, and the 5-year-old Golden Retriever LOVES giving out hugs to those walking the city’s sidewalks.

Loubie is pretty amazing, as she can usually sense those who really need a hug from her. Her owner, Cesar, said Loubie learned to hold hands a few years ago, and, eventually, that led to the hugs.

And they’re most certainly appreciated by those she gives them to.

10. Kathryn Waldvogel of Little Falls, Minnesota, had been deployed in Afghanistan with her National Guard unit for 19 months. That’s an awful long time, especially for her little boy, Cooper, who had missed his mom an awful lot during that time.

Finally, at the reunion ceremony for Kathryn’s unit, all 130 soldiers were commanded to stand at attention before being dismissed and greeting family members.

But little Cooper just wasn’t going to deal with all those military rules. He wanted to be with his mommy and he wanted it now. So he ran up to her and she picked him up, smiling, hugging and kissing all the way.

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