Trooper Came To The Rescue When Struggling Mother Prayed For Help.

In Marion, South Carolina, a woman was driving along the highway when her daughter, Eysley, who was in the back seat, became unresponsive, suffering a seizure. So she drove up to where State Trooper Lance Corporal Kenneth Small was parked and frantically told him about her 5-year-old daughter’s condition.

He quickly laid Eysley across the backseat and put his head to her chest. There was no heartbeat. She was gray and blue under her eyes. She was not breathing and she was cold and clammy. She was most certainly dead.

Small immediately started doing CPR and chest compressions on the little girl. A minute passed. No response. Than another minute passed. Still nothing. But the trooper didn’t give up. And he started whispering a prayer. “Lord, I need your help,” he said softly.

A few seconds later, there was a faint cough from Eysley. He continued the CPR and the compressions… and the prayers. After a few more minutes, Eysley was coming back. By the time the ambulance arrived, Eysley was sitting up in his arms and crying. But she was Ok now.

Eysley’s mom gives the trooper all the credit for saving her daughter’s life. 

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