Trucker Pulls Old Woman & A Little Girl From A Burning Car. This Is How You Become A Hero.

A trucker is going through a Biloxi, Mississippi freeway when he has to take a sudden stop, following a serious accident. A small car crashes into a semi, causing a huge explosion. You can’t tell from watching this video on its own, but that burning car contained a one year old girl and her grandmother, who had a broken leg.
As he stops the car, the truck driver asks his passenger if they should help. His passenger tells him it’s probably too late, and asks him what could he possibly do? He answered, he has a fire extinguisher.
And then he ran out to get to the car, to try to extinguish the flames immediately. Like clockwork, other drivers and passersby come to discover who and what they need to rescue. The passenger himself ended up saving the baby.
With presence of mind, conviction, and heart, this ordinary man turned into the hero that we all have inside us.

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